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Welcome to Locate Australian’s first newsletter for our new site!

As the name suggests we are all about helping you find and purchase Australian products or Australian Services.

We are all about assisting you to make an informed choice from producers and businesses who are also passionate about supporting all things Australian.

All listings on Locate Australian include Australian Owned or Australian Made or Australian Produce labels.

These tags allow you to see, as you are shopping those products that are Australian.


We trust that you will enjoy this easy way to Locate Australian and that you will enjoy supporting our Australian producers and service providers.

If you are an Australian producer, thank you, and perhaps we can help you sell your product

If you are an Australian service provider, thank you, and perhaps we can help you promote your service.

Our Australian family business is about supporting your Australian business so please join us for the next phase of our Locate Australian journey and let us support this wonderful nation of ours together!


Locate Australian Team

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